Store local money prices changing to dollar

local money- dollar problem : when i go from the web browser to store without sign in all the prices are in my local money but when i want to buy or sign in all prices change to dollar !! i did clear all cache cookies etc etc , did use different browsers , did go into game and from there i try to buy but result all the same ,did had that problem one time too ,did clear browser all was ok , now not , also no vpn else is on .

Gaijin changed my prices in the store from euros to Hong Kong Dollars. I am a citizen of the EU, I live in the EU and I pay for everything in euros. I refuse to buy anything from Gaijin until they correct their mistake.

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Someone else who is Brazilian is having this issue as well, and already reported it to gaijin support. Seems like a network wide issue, however a Developer has already stated the use of Two step authentication or a VPN has caused the issue and to turn in a ticket to support to get refunded or compensated.

Definitely going to be a setting or a flag which you need to raise with support or figure out where the fix is…

After all, in your thread you stated you had been in Hong Kong, and used an app.

People travel for a few days or weeks, this does not mean the game should switch the currency every time it happens. Should be a period of one month at least before a switch occurs. Furthermore, as I have been back in the EU for over a month now, why has the currency not switched back to EUR?

The other thread says you gotta contact support.

I did, they tell me it takes several weeks to reset, LOL. I only was in HK for 10 days and it has now been 7 WEEKS since I returned to the EU, but I still see HK Dollars in the store, what a joke.

Does it actually matter??

What are you doing travelling around the world seeing and experiencing things instead of sitting in front of your computer/console and playing warthunder!!! Seems like you brought it upon yourself … ;)

What can I say, I’m a wrong 'un.

i didnt travel but have the same problem and its not ok …interresting that this is happen on sale time !!! i think its on purpose…so well i will not buy …no problem…and sure there a re many like my situation. i did contact the support yesterday 24 hours bfore and still no answer !!1

Then hit them up about it again.

I had the issue where i could only buy in HK dollars. I dont even know how that got changed as i never left the U.S. Took them a few weeks to clear up.

i did submit a request to them yesterday and told them about the problem…now its fixed and i see the prices in my local money :) .

Mine are still the USD

My problem has been fixed as well, now I see my domestic EUR prices again, clearly it needed Customer Support intervention as it failed to reset itself automatically after almost 2 months since my return to Europe from Hong Kong.

My currency (Argentine Peso - ARS) is crippled so i’m still with USD from a long time

Do what’s been mentioned, hit up support and get them to fix it.

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nah not needed, my currency is crippled, so i say with the USD (and Gaijin will do too)

Oh lol, I misread that… I thought you were saying your store was crippled and it was stuck on USD xD

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