Stop the ground vehicle to fire

Despite my research and asking around, I have not found anything that explains why this limitation exists.

Yes, it might be standard, yes, it might be doctrine, but is military doctrine now part of balancing? Because I’m sure none of what we do in game would be possible.

A sniper rifle also isn’t used as an assault gun and shot whilst on the move, that’s just not how it’s effectively used, doesn’t mean a sniper rifle stops working when moving.

Really curious as to why this limitation exists, as in how is it technically not possible for a TOW missile to be launched whilst the vehicle is moving at a 10km/h?

Try to shoot the Wiesel’s TOW while driving 50km/h+.

Wont work, because you’re just to busy to not slam your teeth into the opened hatch.

Additionally, most early developed TOW carrying vehicles got this limitation because of the stabilization and fire control limitations.

“Who’s aiming better and hitting first, will win the fight.”

IRL you need way more time to reload a TOW compared to ingame, so your “doctrine” - Part is a little bit off 😉

Right, but that’s my point with the sniper rifle, you’re not going to hit anything with a sniper if you’re moving around, but that doesn’t mean you’re literally restricted from doing so and in a dire situation you’d take the shot.

WW2 tanks also didn’t drive around shooting on the move, because they didn’t have stabilizers, but I don’t see Panzer IVs get a message that they need to stop before firing.

The doctrine part is in relation to being able to fire on the move, as far as reloading goes a lot of vehicles get some magical help.

No you don’t, because in real life you fear for your life and won’t “spam” into a direction without acquiring a target.

Shooting with smth like this is a pure gamer move.

Firing with a (semi) stabelized gun - or an AR to keep your framing - is a completely different story.

But that’s called panicking and 99% of the time will give your position away and gets you killed.

That’s the reason why a trained soldier will aim and shoot, but an amateur will start spamming.

It is a ‘gamer move’ but then this is also a game, and it makes no sense for me to die in a game because I was moving at 5km/h instead of 4 km/h and my weapon refused to fire because it’s not realistic enough or something.

Realistically you will also never turn a corner and run into an enemy tank 20 meters away from your ATGM launcher, you’ll be several kilometers away in a good position coordinating an attack without ever putting yourself at risk, but the game does not work like that so neither should the weapons.

Sure you’re still not going to hit anything in an M113 traveling at 30 km/h but neither will you in a Panther, and they can try.

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Eh, why there is a China tag?

Because it doesn’t let me post a topic without a nation tag, and with the CM, M113, QN506 as well as the AFT-09 not being able to fire on the move.

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