Stop Shooting Me

Title is just a poke at fun but in all seriousness. Why is it that when I peek with my tank every friendly team mate is ignored but me? I am by no means a great player and I have had multiple instances where I am targeted first even over better, closer, and more dangerous players. Do I need to play it more safe? Or is if something else?

Watch replays from the perspective of your killer, you will probably find you were being too brazen or were more threatening than your teammates at the time.

I used to have the same doubt…the USUAL reason is that i was more exposed and therefore an easier target.
Like said above…checking replays usually shows this…we are not as hidden as we think, usually…


Your play style should reflect the vehicle you’re playing as.

For example, the use of a heavy tank from the USSR should be as follows: A heavy breakthrough vehicle with a lot of armor, powerful gun, and slow reload.

While a heavy from Germany should act more or less as a sniper vehicle.

Each vehicle, and country has different play styles.

A recent match I was playing the British Conqueror, which when played correctly is almost invulnerable.

Also, allow me to direct you to War Thunder Wiki. The WT Wiki should allow you to do research into your vehicles strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, you can always open up a tab on your PC and get an additional map, if you have 2+ monitors.