Stone Texture in Desert Maps has major issues

Here are two images of the same stone on the map Tunisia on Grid Square D6. As you can see, the sensor view version has a different texture than to what one could see during the game, this results in the stones having an invisible wall which eat the shots.

If this is not the place to adress these issues I apologize and ask where else would I be allowed to?

WT Stone 1

Perspective does not seem to be the same.
Keep in mind that the client side map/mesh does not decide ballistic solutions. Only the server does. That difference in desync is why you get ghost shells etc. not funky renders in the client.

In the technical section

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Yes, perspective is not the same because I moved it slightly when I took the screenshot.

If the replay is required I am more than happy to provide it, or give better photos.

Thanks, I will move it there!

Edit: Nevermind, thank you!

Yep no problem! :)

Can confirm multiple issues with the rocks in the map. Seems to be a fairly new problem, or at least I never had β€œclear” shots blocked in here before