Stock top tier ARB

I think I already know the answer. However, is there any way to grind stuff without it being torture?

I figured that I should probably grind out a top tier jet or two since I have fully researched the US air tree. I currently dont touch any high tier stuff that I havent already grinded out as it is just too painful to grind out a new jet.

It seems that there are two paths.
1: rush ground targets
2: attempt a2a combat and maybe get a kill once in a blue moon

Both of these honestly suck because most matches are 0-400rp and it takes a dozen matches or so just for one mod.

You can play Air assault to try and grind some of the mods, it might be a bit boring and not particularly fast, but it will probably be more enjoyable than just sending it into premiums and spaded jets

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I might have to wait until the event is over in that case. As much as i dont want to play that game mode, it is probably better than ground pounding in a stock f16

Say hello to the single Su27 slinging R27s and getting 90% of the kills.

Doesn’t matter - as long as you have activity >50% you get the reward.

Even subsonics can do well enough in a whole field of top tier planes because the score system is heavily weighted - you get significantly more score per kill for lower tier than higher tier, and as long as you get about 1000 or more you’ll get the whole reward - lower scores attract only a % of max.

Oh and do be talismaned - it’s really annoying to only get 2-2500 RP for 20-30 mins because you forgot to get a talisman before taking a plane up for the first time!!