Stock JA37C tips?

So, I just unlocked the JA37C but to say i’m struggling would be an understatement.

It is super hard to get anything done in it because it’s 2 IR missiles stock are hard to use when everyone has a bunch of flares and they don’t maneuver super well. Not to mention no tracers making the gun very hard to use.

So, any tips / tricks for the Viggen?

There aren’t really any useful tips, it will struggle even when spaded… Don’t turnfight, 3rd party people, it does ok-ish at its own BR but I guess it just sits in 12.0 games mostly currently. It doesn’t really hold many strengths on its own, like, its very situational based that you can make it work somewhat

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ah well that sucks it didn’t have much of a presence in the battle. Does the JA37D have more presence or is it just as bad?

Well both are very nice at their new BRs of 11.0 and 11.3 respectively.

The C getting a PD radar and a good radar missile to pair with it. Which at this BR is essentially guaranteed kills.

The D gets a lot of flares and the nice upgrade of 9L over the 9J.

So for their current BRs they are great

Be aware it dumps a ton of energy when doing high angle of attack turns. So don’t expect to win any fights if you are forced to dump all your energy

Use the radar lead indicator. Lock a target and it will give you a indicator for how to aim.

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Neither of them is really something meta… you can’t toss yourself at someone and expect decent returns. The D is especially rought as it will face the glorious 12.3s. Gotta pick the right targets and the right fights, especially know how long you can stay in a fight as you’ll dump speed fast in aggressive turns. When someone catches you slow, you’re probably dead (more dead than most other jets at the BR … ie, little chance at all you’re going to make it out alive). It’s not impossible to play, but it’s off meta. Not the best flight performance, not the best missiles (9J on the C and a crappy SARH), difficult gun to aim well, not much ammo, not too many CM (on the C, as the D has plenty), uses a LOT of fuel too so you’ll be heavy at game start …

But, in a downtier, you’re pretty strong and get to slap F5C premium hankies around. So there’s that.

Honestly its the main selling point of these jets. A decent SARH missile with a decent PD radar.

At any non-notching or non-grazing target its a free kill. You are bringing the armament that makes 12.0 be a lawn mower fest down to 11.0 and 11.3. Sure its not as long range as the top tier options, but that shortcoming honestly barely matters as very few people expect a PD radar guided SARH missile at this BR.

Sure in a full uptier they are lackluster, but even then they come with the armament expected of a 12.0 jet (4 IR missiles and 2 PD radar guided SARH missiles) even if on the C the IR isn’t all aspect and you dont have the dogfight performance of what 12.0 brings.

Those AIM7E2 missiles are only really worth it in a downtier, or at most a 10.3-11.3 game… any higher uptier, people will generally expect radar missiles, and most if not all will have much better ones than you, and they’ll hug the ground leaving you with 9Js. Not great tbh. If there would be another redeeming factor about the plane, might have been viable, but there just isn’t

In a 11.0-12.0 or 11.3-12.3 game, yes. But both of those are either a full uptier (granted more common now with the new top tier vehicled when it comes to the D) or almost full uptier. In 11.7 and down people are generally lax or 11.3 and below dont at all really expect the PD radar + missile making it a very effective weapon.

No they are allways worth it. They are the only non-flarable and very hard to dodge missile you get. Which is invaluable at 12.0/3. And extremely potent at anything below that.

You have functionally the armament selection (a slightly gimped one sure) of a 12.0 at 11.0 and 11.3.

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Weapons functionally the same as a 12.0 on a 11.0?
9J’s instead of 9L, 9M, Python3 variants, PL5B, R60M/K, Magic 2, R73?
AIM7E2 instead of R27ER, AIM7F/M, 530D, …

Those are not “functionally the same” other than that they are IR and SARH missiles. Your only saving grace with the 37C at 11.0 and AIM7E2s is that you have a PD radar which makes them a little more viable than on the F4E.

Then the D gets 9Ls instead of 9Js, but faces off against a MUCH tougher crowd with much better AAM across everyone.

Look at some other 11.0s, none of them does great currently, and you have a bottom of the barrel kit in weaponry even when compared to that F4E – and we all know how well the F4E fares currently… the 37C is a little more viable than that plane due to flight performance and the PD radar, but that’s not that high or a bar tbh, and certainly doesn’t make the plane viable to fly right now. Maybe when they add 12.7 and the whole bunch of 11.7 and up gets sucked into that.

Oh no, you dont get the same range…

9J is essentially rear-aspect only 9L. Sure not as resistant to countermeasures, but other than that, its actually not that different in regards to what you sling it at.

And for the D, yes id still consider that a top tier armaments configuration. Sure, its gimped over what the F-16C brings, but also a whole BR lower.

Yep, and the JA-37C is way better because you actually get a radar set to use with your SARH missiles. Anything other than a 12.0 match and you are free to smack people with the PD radar guided SARH missiles they dont expect.

And yeah, the D is not as good because of the BR, but it basically is a clean bump in armament carried and you get enough flares to do fine in a 12.3 match even if you cannot engage in the furbal, not that you ever should in the C or D. Nor do you need to when you have the missile loudout you do.

At their current BR, both the C and D have very compelling armaments. Which for the C i believe is unoque at 11.0 with a PD radar + SAHR missile, idk of any other that do that. And idk any others at 11.3 that also have that combo on the JA-37D. Are they stomping monsters? No, if they were they wouldn’t have gotten their BR dropped last year

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Hey all.

So I have pretty much spaded the Viggen at this point and it has been so so good with the AIM-7E-2’s it is insane. I got an ace in under 2 minutes just cruising in on dogifghts. the best part is this was an 11.7 match. Also, no there were no AI kills. I can find the server replay if needed.

The C can even be good in a full up tier with the AIM-7E-2’s. The PD on this thing feels insanely strong and firing a missile feels like a guaranteed kill pretty much.

The 9J’s while they are easily flared can still be very deadly if they are slow and / or not paying attention.

The gun on this thing (although still getting used to it) is a MONSTER. 1 hit and they are pretty much politely crippled.

48 large caliber flares is super good as well especially since bringing chaff isn’t really useful most of the time at this br which means 24 countermeasures pops that easily fool and missile.

Overall, this thing has been great. Is is the best? No. Is it still good and extremely fun? Absolutely!