Stock F-4J is below unplayable. Tips?

The gun is horrible (as per usual with the new Naval US gun nerf when realshatter got good), i’ve managed to crit people, they went to repair, they took off again, i critted them again and they still repaired, took off again and finished the match.

The aim9g’s, I GE’d them. Pretty good missiles but they’re too insensitive to head on missiles for some weird reason. They also refuse to lock head on onto mig29’s like aim9d’s. AIM9J’s on the other hand, have better sensitivity and will score a solid kill if the missile is launched on time once it locks on a head on from 1.4km away.

F-4J is a missile bus but I lack the missiles. It’s at 11.3 for some reason, maybe the radar and the sparrows are very strong but while it is stock it lacks ANY of the performance to cope around. I’ve gotten 8 gun kills out of 20 deaths (and now two more aim9g kills for 22 deaths). The plane is horrible and I need tips. Maybe I did very bad on crewing it and buying the f-4s camo for 3 GJN, but all I see is it gets like 7 kills in a downtier.

Ok. First off AIM-9G is not all-aspect. I don’t know why you are trying to get a head on lock, it doesn’t lack in missiles, once it’s spaded. AIM-7F is one of the best SARH missiles in the game, guns aren’t always reliable, but you can definitely kill people with the GAU-4. The Phantom isn’t great at dogfighting either.

For tactics, use it as a support aircraft, wait for the rest of your team to engage and then come in and support with the AIM-9G. And for the love of god stop trying to get a head on lock with them.

GSh23L ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

also i’m totally stock still with 30 deaths on my back. The gun like the colt mk12’s it shares ammo with is awful. I’ve critted 3 people in a match that went to repair, took off, critted them again and still made it to base yet again.

The aim9g’s are much less sensitive than aim9d’s, i can lock onto people from 4km away on aim9d’s and even get front aspect shots on mig29s whenever i go to Africa 1v1 custom battle (no mods, just spawn in and dogfight) as well as with aim9j’s. AIM9g’s are so insensitive they won’t detect a MiG29 from 3km away from side aspect while I did get plenty of side aspect shots on things like hunters or drakens with very cold engines with the aim9d.

I try to get head on aspects because it’s the only way i can cope with a bad, outdated plane with bad armament to avoid a head on or a merge i cannot survive.

I find the AIM-9G is perfectly fine with its seeker sensitivity, you just have to use them properly, the AIM-9G has a different seeker to both the 9D and 9J, and is better than both, as long as you know what you’re doing.

i dont think that the aim9g going for flares, teammates IN FRONT of the enemy and not detecting jack shoot past 3km is a good seeker compared to the flare ignoring and long range seeker of the aim9d’s.

Missiles have been nerfed, most will go for the first flare pop, missiles always go for teammates (in my experience) and the 9G is much better than the 9D because you can lead the target.

but why leading the target makes it better if the seeker is so much less sensitive? It doesn’t matter at the end of the day if you cannot launch aim9g off spot range anymore. If I can get side aspect shots with the aim9d from 3km away that matters more. If AIM9D ignores flares but AIM9G does not, then that’s not better. And it’s not annecdotal.

I really don’t know what your problem is, I can launch AIM-9G from 5 km if I really want (with a 90% chance it will run out of steam before hitting the target)

One of the best combat proven fighters of that era in the real world, why does it not surprise me they have punked it in this game…

idk, the f-4e had better flight performance (yet it’s still underperforming) it’s going through the same issues as the Mig19. Focus on the popular stuff instead, bump the BR’s of rarely used vehicles.

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I find with the Aim9Gs best to launch them from around 3.5km as long as you close to mach. Generally I will climb to Alt and drop down spitting the Gs that seems to work for me.

climbing to altitude will grant you a “juzt dodge” phoenix up your pipe.