Stock AV8B gameplay: How do you cope with an irrelevant plane at treetop tier?

I’m not going to complain about the AMRAAMs and other fox3s, i’ve only been killed twice; by an r77 in innertial guidance and by an aim120 i tried to take down with one of my aim9l’s.

The AV8B seems like a good dogfighter with major flaws, such as the rudder being almost nonexistent and throwing your aim quite a bit, it’s engine WEP that lasts for only a minute like the early harriers, leaving you as a worse su25 and a gun that seems like the shells still travel a lot slower than the 25mm ADEN although i may be wrong but for sure they do less damage.

Ground pounding isn’t like a viable option either. The ground target belt has “HVAPT” but it’s not HV nor AP.

How do I do to get to grind this thing’s modifications?

honestly i turned my brain off and tried to avoid combat, going for ai units whenever I could until i got the rockets to at least get bases and units from further away

How, it doesn’t even have time to reach to place.

by not holding w and going off to the side with the team. when they turn right to head into the fight, i kept flying straight and tried to pick off anyone who was RTB-ing or wasnt paying attention

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okay, so you gotta kind of play it suicidal. Now if the gun gave me good results it would be crazy.

But playing it is playing irony thunder: the guy you outfight and get guns on, eventually kills you because its gun is actually usable.

Harrier II actually has really good high speed turn times at lower altitudes

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i know, but why would that matter when you’re going to be left behind? and after recent changes hte irccm tactics don’t work always, besides harrier being one of the coldest jets at that tier and even in game it still eats magic2s head on.

Actually because youre slower than the rest of the field, more often than not if you play your cards right you find yourself mostly still with your team, just instead of turning immediately with them, you start turning to the battlefield when they’re already engaged in fighting so you can pick off unsuspecting people