Stock AIM-9M's for F-15A

The F-15A should receive stock AIM-9M’s as the SU-27 already has stock R-73’s and can get access to more of them during later modifications. This is also needed due to the F-15A not having a HMS system which the SU-27 has and which is very useful with a 40G Thrust Vectoring Short Range IR Missile.

If the F-15A weren’t to be given two stock AIM-9M’s it would hurt its performance at top tier and leaving people trying to grind modifications and keep dying due to inferior missiles.


Typical Russian bias tbh.


I just want balance but it seems like that wont be possible but gaijin do listen.


Were almost there to making gaijins russian cope fantasy a full reality. And when the T-14 arrives, the US will only get the Same Exact Protection V3, and A3, but itll still have the same armor packages from the 80s M1A1s and the M829A3 wont be ERA defeating

Trust me stock 9l are better so you don’t get that weird game limitation where you have will have two sets of 9ms makes i hard to scroll though