Still Seeing Extreme Underperformance From High Caliber HE Shells in Air Combat. Is this RealShatter?

Again. if sth older impatc realshatetr it is still caused by realshatter not being properly linked to other systems.
RealShatetr needs to be worked on to fix the issue. The only other way is to revert the changes done elsewhere.

Tahts the issue.
RealShatter is the System whcih needs to be worked on to fix the issue. Nothing else.

Thats why I say you are wrong. Because I see the part that needs work as the issue. Because not seeing it that way only leaves you with reverting every change you made if it causes issues.

That’s the thing, all I said is the source, meaning the code, of the problem isn’t from RealShatter itself.
That is all I said.
I still acknowledged the problem, and made implications that it could be harming RealShatter performance, with my explicit statement in my last post.

feet from the pilot’s legs

I see what you did there

It seems to me like the bug here is with the fragmentation, yes?

And from past posts, Realshatter reduced the damage of fragmentation by reducing the amount of fragments.

Clearly, to see if this is Realshatter, we just have to go into the damage tester and see how many fragments come out of an HEF shell.