Still can't login

Player profile not found.

Can’t post in official news either, says I have to play battles to post.

This is 15 min after the post by @Stona_WT that the servers are up

Yes, I thought they fixed it, but I cannot log in again now.

I got error on 1st login.
Please launch game again, it should solve the issue.

I logged without any problems nor delays after that 1st error attempt.

I did that 2 times already with comp restart in between.

It doesn’t change the fact that I can’t post on the official news section since apparently my ~20k battles played are considered as 0 by the server.

after a few more minutes got logged in, all my skins, vehicles and decals from my inventory are gone.

People are still having issue both logging in and if they get in they can’t access everything (like the store and battle pass and such).

I can’t log in. I saw server up message but looks like they are not.

yeah, got home from work. saw the news. was like oh, okay. well nice its solved.
but… yeah
now at my like 6th attempt at getting into the game.

im now in. so potential solution found.

if you boot the game via steam. boot to the manual update launcher
run the update
boot the game, login.
shut down
boot regular steam way. and it hopefully works for you aswell

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This method work for me. Thanks

i had the same problem

I tried to verify integrity of game files and now it works, but strange that it did not automatically downloaded the update, i have it on high priority in the first place and when launching the game, it should update itself if it is not updated

An odd chain of events I experienced:

  1. Tried to login, got the profile error
  2. Quit the game
  3. Noticed the launcher do something with the files in a split second
  4. Still can’t login

Verifying files now, will update if it worked.

Update: Verifying solved it for me. Logged in 3 times succesfully.
This is on the non-steam (standalone) version