Steam War Thunder but I want to login my Gaijin account

I moved War Thunder to steam library, but the game launches with Steam account with 0 lv without any other options. What do I have to do?

I did this like 4 years ago so bear with me, but i think i had to use the actual warthunder launcher and then sign into a steam account there. but i think there is now a feature to link steam and gajin accounts?

You’ll likely need to contact support to get the new account you’ve created on your steam account cleared out, so you can link your gaijin account to your steam account.

No idea really though as the support page says it doesn’t happen, but I have no idea on whether this link is even accurate considering the other games on there mentioning how to link steam accounts to existing gaijin accounts

And the fact that I have mine linked to my steam account from long ago.