Steam forces me to download UHQ

I have limited storage, and I limit War Thunder on Full Client, when I accidentally checked the game launcher manually (as steam launcher War Thunder directly to EAC Launcher), it position has been changed to UHQ, so I moved it back Full Client, now steam version forces me to download UHQ update and I can’t cancel it, changing the WT launcher status back to Full Client doesn’t help and “Verify Game File” options in steam state that there’s around 3000 files missing, which are unwated and considered burden in my storage as I don’t need UHQ, is there anything I can do to revert this, other than uninstalling completely?

first check if for some (unknown) reason the ultra HQ DLCs are enabled for War Thunder (on Steam) by right clicking War Thunder in your games library, click in on properties then check the DLC tab.


So that’s what it is.
Didn’t know that UHQ resources were counted as DLC, I just deleted the whole game and reinstalled since I didn’t know how to stop Steam download.
Thanks for the Info! I’ll use this for the future reference.