Stealth belts aren't stealth belts anymore

I hope this category is also suited for reporting bugs that actually get looked into, since there’s no dedicated bug report section.

I flew the P-26A-33 today and noticed I had tracers all the sudden, I always use stealth belt. I’m not sure if this is with other planes but it only happens in real battles and not in test flight:

It has no tracers for me. Try restarting your game

for planes with more than 2 ammo types u cant see ammo choice 3rd and 4th in modification menu now. And they seem to reset some ammo to default for some reason or they are all over the place. all ammo issues seem connected

Doesnt happen to me with the planes I fly, I can select all ammo types but it will always have tracers.

Also, restarting the game obviously doesn’t work…

I am experiencing the same thing on different aircraft.
F4U USMC has tracers on the stealth belts whilst P40 F still has stealth belts.
Spitfires and Hurricanes have tracers on the .303 stealth belts.
Beaufighter 20mm stealth belts now have tracers.

Stealth may be not


Thanks for adding to the converstation, however they will only MAYBE look at it if we report it here: Community Bug Reporting System

It’s a hidden bug report site that they don’t want you to find, because they would actually have to work on the game. You will need logs, screenshots and what not so they have all the data that you could possibly give. I still encourage you to report it there.