State of (Western) ATGMs

With the new changes to top attack missiles, I figured I’d make a video like my SAMs video but featuring ATGMs using some old clips I had laying around with some new ones, comparing them to IRL equivalents.

Also Russian ATGMs do not seem to have any of these maneuverability problems, and the BMP-2M’s missiles seem to operate just fine.


Wobble goes the missile.


The bigger issue is the lack of overpressure damage right now.


Also not all Russian ATGMs are wobble free. The 9M113 Konkurs and the 9M14 Malyutka both suffer from the same launch issues as the TOWs. Also the Chinese HJ-73 (copy of Malyutka) and to a lesser extent the HJ-73E both have the same issues.

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TOW-2B missiles actually make me want to cry at how bad they are.

I fired 3 of them at a T-90M’s roof armor and they didn’t even detonate the ERA. The damage just poofed out of existence.

At least the Bs didn’t get abused like the other missiles did with the flight changes

Luckily, but it doesn’t matter when they just don’t do damage most of the time.

It’s already almost impossible to use the Bradley at 10.0 since the META is rushing around and never staying still for long. The Bradley is forced to sit in place for 6 seconds to fire its missile in the open. You can hull down with it in some spots using the Commander’s optic, but it doesn’t make you anywhere near as effective as the BMP-2M, which shares the same BR despite having nearly triple the fire rate, better penetration, better mobility, and the ability to fire missiles on the move.

It’s rough.

If I’ve gotta sit in place to fire my missiles, at least make the missiles do the damage they should do and atomize anything they hit.

They also need to work on the BMP-2M and how it can just randomly stop DM53 in places it shouldn’t.

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Blame volumetric.

Volumetric shouldn’t be the issue when it doesn’t hit two plates.

The flat turret face of a BMP shouldn’t cause Volumetric issues to occur.

Well get ready for them to be made worse, as they are getting the same broken awful flight model all the other (nonRussian) atgms have.

My favorite part is how western ATGMs (and Japanese ATGMs) seem to drop into the floor before flying straight, when every single video I can find on them shows them flying perfectly straight.

I’d call for some action to force Gaijin to fix this, but they’ll just take down my post again.

I’d also hint at why a certain event occurred, but they’d do the same.

TOWs are pretty bad and Type 79s have the worst of it

MILAN and Swingfire are fine, haven’t tried HOT (Raketenjadgpanzer/Mephisto) personally

The reason I think they do this is some code issue that makes them want to align with the center of the crosshair (typically, at least in RB, from the PoV of the gun) so the missiles have to go out of their tube and essentially maneuver to where the gun is pointing, instead of maneuvering from where the missile launcher is pointing. The recent-ish nerf to missile flight and how hard they can turn just exacerbated a problem that already existed.
It’s odd, but I think a way to fix this would be by making the missiles aim at the target and not try to center on the crosshair - essentially making them, in practice, laser guided - since the missile is likely being controlled from the launcher or a sight near the launcher, and not the gun.

This does make sense to an extent but they also didn’t do that in the past despite using the same aiming system. This also doesn’t explain why they just drop out of the tubes like a rock, as if they have 0 acceleration.

Maybe I should also bring up how many beam-riding stabilized missile platforms can’t fire on the move like the unstabilized beam-riding BMP-2M. Cough LOSAT cough AFT-09 cough most saclos sams cough