State of the F15

I was at the point of either unlocking the F15 or the SU27 first.
I chose the F15.

Boy, this isn’t fun. Not only that you have to fight with 9Ls as stock missiles, if you get to the 7Ms, 80% of them literally just fly off into nowhere without tracking.

The Radar is worse then on the F16C, I know. But man. This is nuts. And since your loadout in terms of IR missiles is limited, it really hurts the capability of the plane.

I’m gonna start researching the Su27 now, damn. I hope that one is somewhat enjoyable.
So far, not that impressed with the balance.

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Only the best for you. You deserve it. 🤣

Stock grind isn’t meant to be balanced it’s not isolated to the F15

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Thats true.

I have it almost spaded now tho and the experience is still miserable.
The biggest letdown is the radar losing lock and the 7Ms just not tracking.

Flight performance is decent but nothing too crazy, especially compared to the F16C.

the F15 is a good mix of the F14 and F16… its basically a 50/50 combo of these two aircraft right now and thats actually not as bad as i thought… i can sling aim7m better than with the f14 and i have Aim9M like the f16… its a interesting playstyle tbh… its a better BVR bus than the F16 and a better dogfigher than the F14 i think…yeah the stock grind is horrible but in the end its still enjoyable at least for me… and besides that the F15 is a absolute beast in Sim even stock

lol Su-27 you’ll be suffering just as much.

@TheMAD1626 Weird of you to imply all 10 tech trees are Russian…

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I have both F-15J and Su-27, let me tell you , the radar on Su-27 is absolute garbage. Locks chaff. Loses lock. According to datamines it’s complete copy paste of Mig-29 9.13 radar with longer range. You can’t even change search angles. The F-15 radar is miles better.


I’m gonna start grinding for the SU27 later, maybe it’s just me.

I like the playstyle with the russian missiles a bit more, gives you more room for error since they don’t self destruct on radar lock outage.

Aim7Ms are just a bit too slow for my taste.

well the russian aircraft are basically “fast in fast out” when in comes to the Furballs in top tier… great AOA together with amazing high off-boresight IR-Missiles its extremly fun… most American or generally NATO jets need to be flown a bit more careful… you really need to position yourself right and one tiny mistake can cost you the match… i like both playstyles :D

its rude to say that russian Aircraft have a more braindead playstyle than the current NATO jets… but thats the thruth somewhat

F-15 is a beast but still is underperforming in rate fights etc against things that it performs better against irl like the Su-27

from what i’ve seen it’s also missing thrust which i’ll upload in a minute and can’t find any reasons why the 15A doesn’t have this thrust

it’s weird because the 15’s retention isn’t actually bad at low speeds, it’s honestly quite good, like F-16A without afterburner (pre flyby wire removal) good

but yeah this basically means it’s well short, same with things like all the F-16s

I find the F-15A more enjoyable to fly than the Su-27. I did it the other way around. 27 first then I got the 15. IMO the only thing that the 15 is missing is either HMD or TWS. Sparrows suck when compared to ERs, but 9Ms are more lethal than 73s from personal experience. That in combination with the terrible, and I mean terrible radar on the Su-27 really let that plane down. While the radar on the 15 is a lot more reliable once you actually pick up a target.

funnily enough, I actually find that the radar on the 12.0 29s performs better than that of the 27. It’s REALLY bad.

The year is pretty much 2024 and the state of radar is still in shambles.

anyone else noticed this?

performance ingame is about 2k short, fully spaded