Squadron Vehicles

Not gaining anymore squadron research points…I know it was stated before that will still be getting them without any end of match awards notices…has anything changed…I only have a few research points left, the purchase price does not make sense!!!

Check your squadrons activity. If it is dead, you will hardly get points. And yours only rates around 10k while you would need ~200k for good effect.

Hi Dodo, long time…Yup, Ours is actually a dead squadron…so yeah. And what do you mean by… And yours only rates around 10k while you would need ~200k for good effect???. I only have 21K research points left…and still want 2100 eagles to just go ahead and buy…it’s for the A-4E

The golden eagle price doesn’t change, even if you only have 10xp left to search.

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In hangar, you need to click on your squadron next to your name (left of “to battle”). Above the table is the squadron activity. Mine is at 264k, yours at 11k atm.

If you click on “activity”, you get to see three bars, the middle one shows how much of 20k RP you get next time as of now…

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I checked…I’m still getting some research points…but at an agonizing slow pace every 2 or 3 playdays

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If you play regularly and make your 360 personal points every 3 days.
And you want to find a squadron vehicle in 2 to 4 months.
You have no choice but to change squadron to find a more active one.
2 choices:

  • either you’re a social person and you like to play in a squad, you need to find a squadron with a discord and active people on the discord, by consulting the recruitment messages on the game chat or here on the forum.
  • or you’re more of a solo player, then it’s best to choose a squadron dedicated to finding squadron vehicles.
    Just search the list of squadrons in the game using the keyword “grind”.

Hi mate, just spotted this thread. Only way is to be in a active group I believe.
The Squadron I’m in is a research Squadron so we concentrate purely on activity and most members are solo though from all over. We have a 360 activity rule thats pretty much it as an example.
We do have a discord but that’s mainly to chat without the game constraint.
Other Squadrons that are Squad play based usually have a world war score and group up allot in game and Discord.
Not fishing for you but holler if you need a home be it permanent or temporary. I’ll turn notification on for this thread incase

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Just came back to this thread…and thanks for the offer. I finally got my squad vehicle since opening this thread, well, a week ago. Although my squadron is defunct, proves to show, that it does still get points…although as I said…agonizingly slow.

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Nice mate, if your ever looking message me in game or on here, though I’m rarely here lol.