Squadron vehicles and rules


I joined a squadron and I noticed that I can get premium vehicles for squadron points.

What are the rules for getting squadron points? Will i get more squadron points if I play in a squad with squadron mates?

They aren’t premium they have same sl and rp gain as tt vehicles at similar be of similar type


But I still would like to know the rules about collecting squadron points.

If you are in a decently active squadron, just consistently play the game and you should get the max 20000 squad rp reward every 3 days

And do I have to play Rank III or above?

Idk I don’t think so

You want to use the ‘efficient vehicle’ for whatever you are researching or a premium, as it’s based on the RP you unlock for the vehicle you are researching per match.

So if you hit 2800 RP towards your vehicle, you get 28 activity points to your personal activity (The max 360 per 3 days) which if your squadron is overall active enough with thier 360, you will all get 20k RP.

You also don’t have to get 360, but it’s better if you do as it gives you and your squadron more chance of getting the full 20k RP.

Boosters could help out, but premium vehicles really do crank out the RP. So check any vehicles you have that have a good RP return on them that you may find interesting.

(You won’t get anything ‘more’ from playing with squadron mates, but even just squading with someone things will go a lot faster because it’s better when you’re squading)