Squadron recruiting! [Bonke]

[Bonke] - short for BananMonkeAliens

Discord: [BONKE] BananMonkeAliens

We are a very chill GB/UK based squadron initially made up of university students and university graduates who realised we need more members to actually unlock squad vehicles (lmao).

Want a funny looking squadron tag? Look no further! [Bonke] is just the one for you!

Otherwise you can come chat with us in our newly made discord for anything (currently only 2 of us since I made it just now).

All nationalities, game modes, br rating welcome! Our current members mainly play ground/air rb from GB/GE/SW/CN/USSR (mostly up to 6.7 but sw and gb up to 11.7) but we’re not restrictive! All skill levels and play time welcome!

If you want to chat - we’re from the UK so it means we’re a bit dumb and only speak English and python 3.10 (sorry).

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