Squadron Name Against Terms of Service

Hi, I was wondering about what was considered against the terms of service in regards to squadron names. Me and my friends already have an active squadron but I was thinking about changing its name to one of the units I do WW2 reenacting for, being an SS Panzergrenadier Division (no I, nor anyone in the unit is allignied with a certain failed Austrian artists political ideals. Its a unit rule)

I just thought it would be a fun addition to our game. Because its a mechanized unit. Whereas my soviet and American impressions are infantry divisions.

I dont want to go ahead and spend the GE to edit the name though unless I know its okay to. I would like to note that our regiment within the Panzergrenadier Division was chosen because of their lack of war crimes.

If its against tos, its cool. I can make the squadron after my amerian unit.


2.2. You are prohibited from using the names (photos, graphical images, or other content) as a Clan name (or slogan, logotype, Clan description, etc.) of:

historical and political personalities or other individuals involved in violent felonies or international crimes, including Nazi leaders and other war criminals;
groups or organizations widely and internationally recognized as organized crime, extremist groups, or terrorist organizations (for example, SA, SS, SD of The Third Reich) -
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