Squadron invite

"Hello, friends!

We call upon the bravest and most skilled warriors of War Thunder! Join the CEZA fleet and be a part of this thrilling journey with us.

CEZA is a fleet that instills fear in its enemies, values teamwork, and believes in the power of collaboration. We proudly proclaim ourselves as a steadily growing family with a history filled with achievements.

By joining our fleet, you can enhance your combat skills, share strategic experiences, and contribute to our victories in a friendly competitive environment. As a motivated fleet that values team spirit, we would be delighted to have you among us.

If you wish to soar with us in the exciting world of War Thunder, you can find the following information to join the CEZA fleet:

Fleet Name: CEZA
Fleet Tag: =CEZA=
Communication Channels: Discord (=CEZA=)
Application Process: You can apply by searching for the “CEZA” fleet in the fleet search tab.

We eagerly await to rise together towards victories in the skies.

Best regards,
CEZA Fleet"