Squadron battles using boosters

While doing squadron battles, why do boosters keep getting used? What is the point in allowing them to be used in those types of gamemodes?

As far as i know you still earn SL and RP in squadron battles?

Yes you do, but what is the point of those battles using boosters?

To boost the SL and RP you gain?
I don’t understand what you are getting at.

Squadron battles have a limitation of player spawns and are basically just small realistic battles. Why should boosters be activated in that type of a match where you have no chance to do much, especially grind? The RP and SL gain is a nice addon to make people play sqb, no reason for it to allow booster activations.

so the same as Air RB ?

How can you compare ground sim to air rb?

i just mean in terms of spawns and still using boosters.
its really not that weird, if you can gain SL/RP from playing you should have the option of using Boosters. if the game mode isn’t “optimal” for using boosters then don’t use boosters when playing that mode.
i don’t understand you issue with this.

If it isnt optimal, why allow them there at the first place?

Because not everything needs to be optimal.


okay, three things:

  1. not everyone plays all game modes and if someone almost exclusively plays squadron battles they are also supposed to be able to use boosters.

  2. Its a game, not a job or a task. you are supposed to have fun while doing it and if you aren’t then you might want to reevaluate how you play the game or if you should play at all.

  3. are you always optimizing everything you do? even hobbies and having fun with friends? like, if you go out drinking with your friends, do you calculate the optimal level of alcohol to drink per hour to be a perfect amount of drunk the entire evening? or are you just having fun with friends and not focusing on optimising the evening?