Squad Issues during/after Squadron Realistic Events

Us in NOFO are having issues with the squad system while making Platoons, which are required for SRE.
When we try to join, host or anything regarding the squad, it gives us this error. (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/728700271777284217/1200482236273807551/image.png?ex=65c65735&is=65b3e235&hm=af5f0ea5179ea3a2174094143c0e0f9032ccf095e5db10d2c59c6b40c2bb535d&)

Not only does it throw operation timed out, it also seems to delay reponse time between clients and lead to the clients being in the squad for one person, but not the other. This also applies to ready states.

We had this issue yesterday and today, and are not able to play the mode because of it. This sometimes was workable, and we barely managed to play. But other times, it simply took too long or was too unbearable to try.

Also, for those who have been in the squad, we usually get this error after leaving the squad for a prolonged period.

Forgot to mention, it also makes invites, leader changes and size changes of squad take unbearably long time to load.

«Operation timed out» simulator

It did not happen today when we tried to queue for SRE.