Squad chat message show “blocked due to privacy settings”

Xbox one - war thunder. In game chat appears to work ( I can send in game chats to team) with no issues) however if I receive a chat from my squad in the squad chat box (accessed from the bottom right) it shows message blocked due to privacy settings. It appears I can send my squad chats as it appears they respond but can’t confirm as I can’t read them. Direct person chats appear to work. I have chat - all in the chat options and do not have any chat/privacy settings that would interfere through the Xbox settings. ( as far as I know) any help/links would be much appreciated. Thanks

I have this happen to me on PC, from a Live user, who hasn’t blocked me, but every so often it ends up blocking me after a while.

Even after we’re squading and even while I’m in thier friendslist, it just randomly ‘clicks’ and starts blocking us.