SPZR Poprad: Lightning Strike

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Żubr P/SPZR Poprad: Lightning Strike


Żubr P’s in maneuvering exercises.



Poprad SHORAD stored in the hull of the Żubr P.


Successful test firing of the GROM-M missile integrated with the Poprad.


Poprad KTVD-1M optical system closeup.



KTVD-1M Camera specifications.


The KMW-3 Thermal camera used in on the Poprad.

MSPO 2019: Poprad air defence system - YouTube

Video showing Poprad Air Defense System capabilities. Note: Launcher can be stored in rear of vehicle.


Indonesian Poprad missile system.


Could be used to fill up gap in British tech tree SPAAs between 8.3 and 10.3

Love to see it.

+ 1 In the German branch

why should it be in a German tech tree?


Poland will be in Germany, which will give Germany aviation, its own leopards, etc.
Although that’s what could be given to Germany, through the Nederlands, a German car

Fennek SWP

In my opinion, the UK needs AA in the range of 6.7-7.7

For me as a Pole, and not only for me but also for my colleagues from Poland, adding our country to the Germans or the USSR will be a spit in the face, because of what these countries did to us during WW2 and after it, I am in favor of adding Poland to France

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Well, then you have to divide between two countries, if you don’t want 1 country. France has too few connections with Poland and French technology or not, or I don’t remember that there were too few of them. And so K2 would be a good top for Germany on a par with Leopards.

Jokes are jokes of course. I apologize if I offended you greatly by reminding you about this.

I personally think that Poland definitely has a lot in common with France when it comes to politics and relations, and these countries were and are quite close,and maybe we don’t cooperate with each other technologically, looking at history, France has saved us and we saved them more than once,I think that the German tree does not need other top tanks, because the Leopard 2a7+ or A8 will be really good and in my opinion, adding k2 to them, and even more so k2Pl, will make the Germans very op,and now look at France, it has terribly weak top tanks and nothing will probably change and Poland is actually the only country in the EU that has some potential and good equipment, which France lacks,You could also make a tree for the Baltic countries, for example, and add Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, etc., it would be more interesting in my opinion than sub trees for other countries.

I hope you can understand me xd

Not Germany can become strong, but Scandinavia will be terribly strong, which has all the German equipment, but they play in the game against Germany, but with a better technique (Which the developers specifically do for the Swedish-Scandinavian branch). There will also be K2 Panthers and 2A8, 2A7+ in several versions from different Scandinavian countries. It will be more rural than Germany, which is very sad. Some Scandinavians using German equipment can become the countries of manufacturers of this equipment. Sweden will soon be renamed Scandinavia. Can then make Central Europe out of Germany, which has top-end and pre-top leopards in service in almost every country 1, 2

+1 for a Polish tree


As a fellow German main, Germany does not need the K2, already a lot of other leopards and other MBTs that Germany could get. Here is a short list:

EMBT (2017)
EMBT (2022)
T-72S (GDR)
Leopard 2A4TD
All the 2A7s
Leopard 2A8

The only Polish MBTs that make sense are Leopard 2A5 or PT-91 Twardy.

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Why PT-91

I don’t see it going to Russia as they doesn’t have a connection to Poland + Poland is in NATO. I just chose Germany because they already have Polish MBTs.

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They don’t have Polish MBTs, they have a single Leopard 2 mod that was designed for Polish export.
I agree that PT-91 has no place in the USSR tree, but there’s a better case for adding it there than in Germany.

I was using the Pt-91 as an example of a Polish tank that could be added, I doubt it would go to Germany as well but it still would make more sense than the K2.

That’s fair, people (including me) can often be a bit too pedantic and stuck on examples rather than what’s being meant.

I mean it can work. Part of my old project that I never finished for this forum but started to clean up when I have a second. Ignore the bad screenshots, I haven’t had the chance to fix them. Of note(s) the Gepard 1A2’s are properly equipped with full belts of FAPDS rounds which is why they sit significantly higher. Also the tree features just about full East German and newer modern German equipment to ease the transition with Polish vehicles. When I get back into it I am trying to smooth the transition from WWII Germany to West/East German equipment to prevent mixing too much East and West.

Part 3

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