SPz 12-3 LGS worth $16?

So for some reason I was able to make it the farthest I ever have in a Battlepass (104) and I wanted to know if spending the GE to get the SPz 12-3 LGS was worth it? It looks like it could be a fun meme tank.

It offers a different playing experience and i personally really like it. Setting up ambushes and thinking where the enemy might be going is fun. The 106mm recoilles gun has a lot of ammunition and satisfying firing sound, also good damage potential. 20mm gun is good backup, altough it is good to try avoid situations, where you need to use it.

So yes, it was worth it, it is a nice and well balanced tank.

Near 30 battles played and im my opinion right now is mediocre light tank. Bad movility, bad armor, long reload and bad post pen. The only good is his small size and 20mm as secondary weapon.
The Kanonejagdpanzer is better in all and with low BR.