Spz 12-3 LGS repairing/crew bug

After receiving some damage you can see the typical message “Stop the vehicle to repair” but you cant repair and the main gun dont shoot anymore.

“There is a bug right now with secondary weapons like AA machineguns no longer working when crew members get replaced or the weapon gets damaged or repaired, which also affects weapons like the recoiless rifle on this thing”


Also applies to the Flarak tanks / truck. As soon as the tubes, radar dish or weapon turret get damage, you can’t shot for the remainder of the match.

Noticed this for the battle pass spz as well. Also for the coax / turret MGs of certain tanks like the PSO. Which makes the Leopard 2 PSO expecially pointless. One selling point is the cal 50 weapon station, but it doesn’t work anymore, as soon a as it gets some damage.

Its already enough to get some blast or splash damage from a nearby explosion to trigger this bug. MG bullet sprays cause this, too.

For me the last update also had some other nasty bugs, like the vehicle ingame menu, whose default keybind is T. When you costumize it to another keybind, this ofc works…but the T key remains bound to the menu as well, you can’t do anything. From the dawn of War Thunder Ground Forces, I costumized T as my hotkey for Binoculars…and now when I press it, it gets into bino view as well as it opens this menu. Despite its not defined like this in the control setup. Which is ofc meh.