SPZ 12-3 LGS, Bugged 106mm

I can’t really replicate it easily, but the vehicle’s armament seems to be bugged. I’ll try to catch it on recording in a live match if I can.

Whenever I become damaged and need to repair right after shooting the 106mm recoilless rifle, I cannot shoot it anymore. For instance, a BMP-1 destroyed my 20mm gun and when I tried to shoot the 106mm again after reloading, the white circle around my crosshair would flash green (like the end of the reload cycle) and then proceed to not shoot. I continue to click to shoot and my crosshair circle just continues to flash green, then I inevitably get shot again by the BMP-1 and die.

This has happened about 4 times to me now at least, each time different parts of my tank being damaged and the gun inexplicably refusing to fire. I’ve also noticed that one time when this happened the message “stop moving to repair” was permanently on my screen as if I needed to repair the 106mm (which was never damaged to begin with), but when I would stop moving to repair it I couldn’t, because there was nothing damaged on my tank to repair.

I’m not sure if I’m the only person experiencing this, since the vehicle has been available for a while now and I’ve seen a few others using it in games, but this is becoming a common occurrence in the short while I’ve been playing this vehicle since I obtained it. So I do hope this bug can be fixed, as currently taking any amount of damage can make the tank instantly neutralized when this bug occurs.

Can confirm the issue, however, it doesn’t need to be damaged to break. I have been hit by light mg fire and despite its color remaining unchanged, it suddenly breaks Would also flash green whenever I tried to fire and it only once gave me a notification to repair it (but never allowed me to do so). Has happened twice within the span of several games.

Have a replay with the glitch, it occurs around 5:01 into the game: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

I believe its caused by the machine gunner dying, but not bc there is no crew in the turret bc if the MG switches places the bug doesnt happen. I had my whole tank get straffed, the MG lived and the bug didn’t happen but i remember every other time it happened was after my MG died.

Can confirm this also. If I lose any crewmember, I can no longer fire the 106 rifle (however I can turn it, and I can fire the 50 cal on top of it)