Spookston Playing the Waffentrager

He really did this TD dirty in his vid calling it bad, imo it is one of the most underrated TDs in the game. It looks bad if you are just looking at its stats but it is actually really good if played to its niche. Having a turret is really good and it is low-profile with good gun depression, you can hide the entire tank behind a tiny ridgeline, expose 2cm of your tank to shoot, and then quickly scoot back behind cover to reload. The main downside is its speed, but on maps with sniping spots near spawn like SBoEA or Berlin it’s extremely dominant. Survivability is also surprisingly good, frequently people will just shoot you in the back area with APHE that lacks crew and then you return fire and demolish them. And as Spookston demonstrated (even though he really wasn’t playing it properly) it is surprisingly capable as a city brawler. You are so inconspicuous people often don’t see you, and reverse peeking is quite effective.

It is vulnerable to CAS but in my experience CAS players are so braindead they will just bomb you so in that regard it’s basically the same as any other tank. Though watching the vid it really showcases how broken CAS is, because the large majority of his deaths were from CAS


Spookston (no offence to his viewers and fans) at times in his videos can make over exaggerations or controversial takes about a vehicle’s actual effectiveness based on how HE sees and plays it.

His preferred main tank type and playstyle are lights with fast reloading, mobility and decent firepower.

Parts in his videos where he complains about revenge CAS or dying from the same player are quite literally a no-brainer ‘duh’ moment reason for anyone who has any experience in Ground RB with getting multi-kills at the top of the scoreboard, using hiding or sniping spots, using bushes on their tank, spawn camping, playing a meta/cancer/powerful vehicle at its BR, or by just simply being spotted on the ground from up in the air.

It happens to EVERYONE.

And the reasons are endless.

Players able to utilize planes with ordinance especially at low-mid tier while somehow getting enough SP when getting only a single cap or assist is a gameplay flaw from Gaijin. This kind of oblivious attitude without critical thinking is quite amusing to see say the least from a rather popular WT YouTube content creator.

Newsflash, there are also players on the enemy team that can notice other ‘good’ or slightly above average players that they see as threats for potentially winning the match or ruining their own vehicle gameplay experience and thus will specifically target throughout the entire match to win the match for their team.


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Revenge bombing is annoying, but as long as gaming exists, there will always be a tool that lets poor-performing players beat good-performing players now and then. Gaijin tips the scales against skill all the time with volumetric, putting multiple BR’s in the same match, deleting abstract flanking/sniping positions that normal players can’t/won’t learn, etc. If they never get to have a win now and then they’ll stop playing.

Let the normies have their suicide Ju87 now and then, it just means I get to retaliate with CAS of my own and unlike them I’ll have the SP to keep coming back.

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Why are we talking about a YouTuber here? There’s no point of complaining about a youtuber in the forum.

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Spookstons strength lies in history/real life technical stuff, either real life vehicle focused videos, or history bits woven into gameplay videos. The War Thunder content is just there to make it more entertaining and to have to more reach.

He is also known to whine quite a bit, I don’t think people take his “vehicle reviews” that seriously, its more for laughs, when he gets annoyed.

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His waffentrager video was quite funny not gonna lie :)

It’s not complaining though.

It is more generally about the Waffentrager and how most people don’t know how to use it correctly.

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Playing anything open top isn’t worth it.
You’re plane food (any plane at all) and if someone is smart enough to bring HE you’re a free kill if they can see any part of your vehicle.
When I’m spawncamping the enemy air in my spacefire in GRB, if nobody is spawning I’ll just quickly have a look for some free open top kills.

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I agree with him especially compared to the dicker max and sturer emil, the waffenträger (and nashorn) are bad.

Why choose the waffenträger if you can play the m109 or a panther? Both can pen most other tanks aswell

We cant really teach people how to use a vehicle correctly. No matter what you do people will still use the vehicles their own way.

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I can’t agree with you fully but if there’s a single piece of advice i can give you it’d be that it’s not worth watching war thunder content creators, with a few exceptions of course, because they tend to be extremely biased and can heavily distort the vehicles features and playstyle ( a lot of them just suck at the game anyway).
Take it ez on the grind and get to the desired vehicle then learn and improve on your playstyle from it and form your own opinions on things.

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The m109 is massive, terrible gun depression, terrible muzzle velocity and a far longer reload. Also it is a cold war vehicle and completely clashes with the WW2 aesthetic. As for the Panther, is is a completely different class, medium tank not a TD, and it will struggle to frontally pen jumbos, IS-2 (1944), T34s, t26e5 and so on.

Most people are gonna have APHE loaded, and if you are in a good spot they will hardly see you let alone hit you.

I just played on Berlin and went 10-0 in the Waffentrager.

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Hes far from a good critic on anything that isn’t a lazy fast reloading light vehicle that one shots. Dont take his videos as any form of review on the vehicle, he rarely plays vehicles to their strengths.

his videos are more generic gameplay videos with a meme edited over it when something happens for comedy (I guess). don’t take him doing one of your favourite vehicles dirty to heart

Youtuber who is paid to lie and sensationalise gives a bad take. A suprise to all of noone

(Spoiler Alert) The Waffentrager is bad.

No mobility. No gun handling. Nothing.

Why use the Waffentrager when you can just use a Tiger H1 with more than enough penetration while being significantly more mobile and armored.

If you’re looking for a Tank Destroyer, just use the Lang. It has more armor, better mobility, and more than enough firepower to deal with anything at those battle ratings. You don’t need the Long 88mm at 5.7. Especially not on such an unwieldy chassis.


You complain about Spookton not using the Waffentrager “properly” however your willing to call the M109 horrible?, talk about double standards.

(spoiler alert) your take is bad.

The short 88 is woefully insufficient for sniping duty at 5.7. Taking about 6.7 heavy tanks from the front at 1000m? Not happening. Even the long 88 can struggle and requires precise shot placement.

The waffentrager is a sniper par exellence. While it has several weaknesses if you use it to its strength it is extremely good. I have gotten some of my highest kill matches in the game in this vehicle. The trick is you have to use it properly, and since most people’s idea of gameplay is holding W till they die, they don’t gave a good time. It is situational; if you only have 5 crew it may not be a good idea because on some maps it is too slow, but if you have more than 5 crew it is a must-have.

Not once did I call it horrible. Read my post again. What vehicles in the game are OP enough to one-shot jagdtigers in a downtier and survive like 5 aphe before they die?