SPO-15 band coverage

Any sources for it?

4,4…10.3 GHz for SPO-15LM

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Which aircraft use the LM variant? Also what about the earlier variants?

LM curently used in game on Mi-35M, Hungarian Mi-24P/D and Su-25BM. It’s absolutely same as SPO-15 in game per files. SPO-15 in game we have should be named as SPO-15L actually, cos SPO-15 has different work angles.



Is there any difference between SPO-15L and LM idk. I don’t have any source on specifically SPO-15L.

No, in game the LM has better band coverage; it can do J band for example. SPO-15 is 6,7,8, SPO-15LM is 7,8,9

Doh, my mistake

@_Fantom2451 what about baseline SPO-15?


SPO15 has identical visible bands like as SPO-15LM IRL