Spikes for Saraph?


It’s like talking to a wall at this point
No top tier Standoff CAS, no top tier light tank, no well armored top tier tank, no top tier SPAA and yet gaijin still refuses to add the Spike to the Saraph, having the Spike’s designer and producer lack the most famous missile they ever made is just a joke


Agreed, this needs to be addressed, there’s no way the main operator and inventor of this weapon doesn’t have it in game, for vehicles that are already in game

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Just like how the US 64D lacks it’s 114Ls, there is no reason the Saraph lacks it’s SPIKE-ERs, it is the primary weapon used by that variant of the 64, it lacking them is a travesty and ahistoric, it should be fixed.

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After seeing the lightly burning dumpsterfire that is the Spike ER on other helicopters, just give the Saraph its spikes and put it at 12.0 or whatever. They’re so slow they lose LOS half of the time on anything that isn’t a Pantsir S1 or FlaRakRad in the middle of an open field. Quantity doesn’t even matter anymore, you’ll probably just die to a jet in 20 seconds anyway.

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