Spike don't work

Let’s start from the fact that Italy does not use Spike-MR, but LR ones.
I had the opportunity to gather a lot of information about this vehicle and its missiles, I can say with certainty that the missiles do not work or malfunction, below you will find a list of problems and a video regarding these, if you have any questions write and let me know I will answer

  • Missiles do no damage and do not pass ERA armor (aren’t they tandems?)
  • The lock does not lock if the vehicle is behind a bush or any object in the path of the lock (even if I see 95% of the vehicle I want to lock)
  • Sometimes the missile explodes in the air or crashes to the ground even if the target is in front of it (completely unobstructed line of sight, the target is not behind any obstacles or blocks)
  • The missile always hits the front of the tank, even if the lock is aimed at the side of the tank, this leads to a miss or very little damage (only hits the driver)
  • Missiles always lock onto a dead tank, even if a live tank is found in their path (seriously, I always lock onto dead vehicles and never live ones, even if I aim directly at a live one, why?)

The video in question:


Since the update it’s even worse, they have become more than useless, miss the target, hit useless places, it’s worse than before in terms of guidance


Yeah that video really shows that F&F Missiles really need some fixes and performance increases. It’s not like they’re bound to be super dominant, but maybe there’s a world where they aren’t useless.