SPIKE - Change its implementation

Spike is a missile that is now in its 6th generation. It became operational in the early 80’s. Yet every vehicle that has received or will receive Spike in the future, and there are a lot of these vehicles, is forced into high BR just because of that missile. I’m talking 80’s vehicles. They could be pushed as far up as top tier.

Another issue is despite these missiles being the most lethal ATGMs in service anywhere - they’re objectively worse than most 2nd gen ATGMs in game.

Various alternative implementation methods were suggested already, so I’m not going to cover these.

Gaijin, the end result should be:

  1. Spikes become much deadlier in game (i.e. when they hit)
  2. Spikes become sufficiently balanced to pit them against 80’s vehicles (depending on Spike generation).

These two can coexist.


If they just rework where the missile hits targets it would be enough.

Seems there is a RNG factor to it where the missile picks a random module to target.
This can lead to some very low damage hits. I’ve had a spike hit the very end of a tank barrel before.

I mean, wouldnt the Spike and Pars 3 fit under this as well

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If these missiles functioned properly they would be absolute cancer to go against no matter what BR they would end up at. Heheheha here comes the automatic missile, the very idea is unbalanced as hell.

No? They are too small

Implementation methods were proposed many times over. It’s pointless to go over them again. But long story short - they can be made very balanced and even simply on par with 2nd gen ATGMs.

I’m pretty sure you can just pop smoke

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