SPG and Bombs shouldn't be able to 1 shot kill

SPG should do way more damage to components of the tank, e.g. - barrels, fule, tracks, sights, MG’s, they should not be able to kill the crew of an MBT or heavy tank by hitting the amour, too many times I’ve seen tanks die to shots I’ve made and other made where your left just going What???, If I land a HE round on the 300mm plate with 61m of pen how does that kill the crew, I know people will be like it overpressures, well no it is not overpressure doesn’t kill you behind 200-300mm or plate or every tank in the world would have HE as the main rounds and they would have SPG as MBT’s, I suppose that HE should damage the crew and it should take 2-3 hits to kill the crew not just point and click as it is atm, HE should do what HE was made for damaging a tank so it can’t fight, not to kill it outright like it got some kinda armor piercing round,

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“HE shells”

Imagine if mechanical shock was modeled for US HEAT lol


“How did it kill this tank behind its thick heavy turret armor”

Because the damage explodes outwards from the shell, the area directly under its impact point isn’t 100+mm of armor, it’s a 30mm driver hatch.

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For example, this is a 9M119 - hitting a commander sight (it doesn’t matter what HE round or missiles you use) it Kills the crew shock waves don’t work like that,

For example.


because the 300mm plate isnt the only spot of the tank near there. The explosion penetrated a weaker area nearby.

I’m afraid if you, right now, went and shot a 155mm HE into the roof of a tank, or even the FRONT of most tanks that aren’t super modern MBTs, it would not be around much longer…

It isnt point and click. You are speaking from a place of ignorance.

What you suggest would make SPGs not playable.

It’s not ignorance, and that’s just a poor way of having a conversation, The problem isn’t that it kills you when it hits a weak point, but it kills you when you are not even showing a weak point,

Why are you comparing the design of an Abrams main battle tank to a Marder IFV lol

Edit: Oh I see that’s the Namer

Yes Gaijin’s modeling is lazy. It’s the price of having a game with functional net code unfortunately. I don’t know how to achieve modeling like that inside of the game, the developers have chosen not to model it as such either.

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Which is, of course, thicker than roofs were at the start of the war (15-20mm typically) to cope with shrapnel and blast from larger artillery…

Which still isn’t enough to matter in a direct hit. I don’t think the Panther is getting overpressued from an artillery shell landing next to it although IRL that would shake loose some things that might disable it.

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