Special Vehicle Variants

Across the game, you may have noticed some variants of vehicles that, when you look for em, you can’t find. Why?

Today, I will teach you why.

These vehicles are hidden, meaning that you can’t see them in your trees, but they are there. Vehicles like the Russian Badger LVT(A)(1) or the KV-1E are hidden because they are event or gift vehicles.

These vehicles can come out for GE purchases, or newly introduced into the game as an event (Like Summer, Winter, April Fools or special creator links)

Some can be quite unique, while others are just meme vehicles.

Just to add on there is a lovely document out there with the link to creator codes, if you want to pick up the Russian Badger LVT you can do so with this link here: [War Thunder - Registratie] (Hopefully this is allowed?)

I believe its okay, since its not self promoting, and goes to an official document.

Are those allowed for existing players??

You can receive the Russian Badger LVT and P-36C, I myself have them!

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Ah yes - I do have them - I was looking for the “Russian Badger LVT” in the USSR line!! lol

Ah yes that might not work ahaha, I assume you’ve found them now though ;)

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