[Special] The Milan Temporarily Returns on the Anniversary of its First Flight!

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The French Milan fighter jet was developed on the basis of the Mirage III by order of Switzerland and first took to the skies on May 29th 1969. Exactly 1 year later, the final version of this aircraft equipped with the Snecma Atar 9K-50 engine passed flight tests.

The Milan is temporarily available for Golden Eagles!

You can get this fighter jet for 9,090 Golden Eagles.

When: From May 29th (13:00 GMT) until June 3rd (13:00 GMT).

Where: France > Aviation > Premium vehicles.


About this aircraft

  • The Milan can be tricky to fly, but in the right hands it can be a real treat. It has excellent maneuverability and is capable of reaching incredible speeds. Plus, thanks to its good bomb load and ballistic computer, it can also be used for ground attacks.

9090 eagles → buying 10k eagles.
66 euros out of current promotion,…

Bundle of rank 6 → 60 euros.


Just make it free😂😂😂

I love the Milan…



Ah yes, AIM-9B at 9.7, huge threat. No flares either. Only threat this poses is to wallets of new players who don’t know any better.

I think it should even go up, since it has better flight performance than A-10 and SU-25, and those are at 10.0. Fits Gaijin’s criteria at least.


Nonono, it sits perfectly at 9.7. Remember, after youve shot off your missiles its not very capable…


Milan is a better flying Mirage 5F, from which you only have 9B instead of magics,… I’m getting real good KD on Mirage 5F, no problem for Milan being 9.7

i wonder why the milan is ingame classified as a fighter but Dassault says its a Strike Aircraft?

I think Defyn described this aircraft very accurately in his video - Unbearable Pain.

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Oh snap, does that mean you’ve actually brought it now? Or are you still talking out your bum?

Bro just go do a drag race of Mirage 5F versus Milan, you’ll see for yourself.

Weight at 20min fuel : 8577 kg
Output in afterburner : 8594 kgf
Turn time : 28.0 seconds RB mode and fully modified
Climb rate : 140 m/s RB mode and fully modified

Weight at 20min fuel : 8792 kg
Output in afterburner : 9142 kgf
Turn time : 27.0 seconds RB mode and fully modified
Climb rate : 160 m/s RB mode and fully modified

if both aircraft were given only 9B → MILAN >>>> Mirage 5F

Now Mirage is having Magic-1, and is rated 10.0 (was 10.3), still have no flares, no chaffs and flies worse than Milan
I still have 164 kills for 83 deaths in Mirage 5F, so about 2 of KD.

Conlcusion as before: Milan is fine at 9.7

Because Gaijin knowns better than the manufacturer as always /s

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Not denying the Milan has speed, but that still doesn’t make the Milan better than the 5F. The Milan is only superior in one aspect, and that’s its moustache.

No one is talking about the BR? Just don’t talk up a shitty cash grab you’ve never even played.
but if you think it’s that good, put your money where your keyboard is and try to replicate your 5F stats.

Thank you for bringing this beauty back, Gaijin, but… dammit, I just don’t have money to spend right now. 😣

I really, REALLY wish you’d stop removing store packs and in-game premiums. 😢

@OrsonES you Need to classify the Milan as Strike Aircraft and i‘ll buy it