Spawning with ammo is bugged in the vidar

I have noticed today on five seperate games that the first spawn in the vidar with 26 HE and 22 HEVT shells picked to spawn with the game seems to RNG my ammo with such limits as 15HE-6HEVT 18HE-5HEVT andmost recently 12HE-12HEVT rather than letting me spawn with the amount of ammo that i have elected to spawn with

ive just gotten the leopard 2A6 yesterday right before the update and when i try to spawn in with 16 or even 20 rounds it spawns me in with 1 round in my chamber and nothing on my rack. just instantly takes away everything so its happening to me too

I was playing Vidars with my friend in squad and we were getting each outer’s ammo counts loaded every other game.