Spawn on an airfield

Is there an option to set default spawn for aircrafts in GRB at the airfield?

None as far as im aware, however gotta ask, why?

Earlier I spawned at 4500 feet, and like 5 kms out, which was surprising to be up that high.

I’d take a ground spawn for no reason other than being low and able to get to the field without being a speck that’s visible to the entire field as soon as you spawn.

I mean…

If you are at low BRs, ground based AA cant intercept you anyway and you can turn that height into additional speed to reach the battlefield quicker or use it to evade possible interceptors.

If you are at high BRs, you use the starting speed + height to either evade ground based AAs/interceptors or to reach high alt faster.

There is no reason from the game sense to start at the airfield. Starting at airfield to go “undetected” yields little advantage when compared to benefits of air spawn, especially when you can turn air spawn into low alt “undetected” approach too.

Not really, because I can still see that dot as soon as it spawns, no matter if it dives to go to ground…

So you would rather trade free energy and time for chance of approaching the AO “undetected”?

It’s not a chance… I just had someone spawn, head straight to ground, and fail miserably…

They’re painfully obvious when you know where to look.

If anything, this could be a suggestion to make to make the CAS a bit more balanced… Air spawn BEHIND the airfield, enough that a plane on the runway will get there about the same time, or even earlier, and allow the choice.

it fits my tactics

Again, why tho?

At low BRs it doesnt matter because plane needs to get close to accurately bomb, so it will be heard, at high BRs, unless you have spotter at ground, AA will accquire plane faster than plane accquires ground targets.

But whatever, its not like it matters in the long run.

I feel you are being intentionally dim to be honest.

It’s about that initial spawn, making you a dot and instantly visible, compared to being able to come in low and quiet, without even being a radar blip.

No, I just played enough of both CAS and AAs to know how its gonna turn out lmao.

That’s so assumptive that you are genuinely ignoring the point…

And why haven’t you pressed the OP hmm?

Yea, because you’re stuck on the ‘You’re wrong’ mentality…

Not default, you just have to click the airfield

No radar would be at that BR, nor would visibility of your aircraft have any bearing on your effectiveness. No SPAA is mindlessly staring at the air spawn waiting to see somebody they can’t shoot to begin with

As I said, I do… I watch for that spawn so I can warn the team immediately that something is coming.

It boils down to graphic settings.

Now, if you would kindly stop derailing the topic. Anybody else: is there a way to change default spawn location.

Did you even actually check because the option is there…

Yes I know, but I have to change it every battle.
Question is: can I set it to ‘Auto (airfield)’?

Nah, that’d have to be suggested for sure.

It could even be in the same realm as the ‘’‘random’‘’ spawn being just the first possibly having a preference set.

It could be a per-map preference too, or a per side of map basis.

It’d be a good suggestion to make, and it would change a lot of outcomes to be straight.