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Hello everyone, today I would like to bring to your attention one of the lesser-known heavy cruisers of the 20th century: The Canarias-class heavy cruiser which served with the Spanish Navy from 1936 up until 1975. This vessel would provide an interesting and unique vessel to the game and with the possibility of Heavy Cruisers now entering the game, what better time is there to suggest this vessel.


Based upon a modified County-class Heavy Cruiser template, the Canarias-class were a set of 2 Heavy Cruisers built for the Spanish Navy. Their construction started in 1928 and with the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, both were rushed into service by the Nationalist Navy to counter the Republican superiority at sea. While she and her sister saw much action in the Mediterranean, preventing supplies from reaching Republican ports and engaging the Republican Navy in several battles, the Canarias outlived her sister ship the Baleares when she was sunk in the largest sea battle of the war at Cape Palos. Surviving the war, the Canarias was to become the most powerful ship of the Spanish Navy as she was the sole heavy cruiser remaining and all Spanish battleships were sunk in the course of the war. As the flagship of the Spanish Navy, she took part in rescuing survivors from the Bismarck and protecting Spanish waters from any acts against Spanish neutrality. In the end, she continued to serve Spain up until 1975 when she was finally decommissioned after it was deemed too expensive and inadequate to refit her once more and she was scrapped in 1977, despite attempts to turn her into a museum ship.

Specifications: (in accordance with Jane’s Fighting Ships of World War 2)

Displacement: 10,670 long tons (10,840 t) standard 12,230 long tons (13,700 t) full load

Length: 636 ft (194 m)

Beam: 64 ft (20 m)

Draught: 21 ft 5 in (6.53 m)

Installed power: 8 Yarrow type boilers, 90,000 hp (67,000 kW)

Propulsion: 2 shafts, Parsons type geared turbines

Speed: 33 knots (61 km/h)

Range: 8,000 nmi (15,000 km) at 15 kn (28 km/h)

Complement: 765


Magazines: 4"

Sides: 1.5"-2"

Deck: 1"-1.5"

Turrets and Conning Tower: 1"


4 x 2 - 203/50 Vickers-Armstrong Mk D

4 x 1 - 120/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk F

4 x 1 - 40/39 Vickers-Terni 1917

4 x 1 - 20/65 C/30

4x 3 533 Torpedo Tubes

Known Refits

11/1936: Addition of 2 x 1 - 120/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk F

Spring 1937: Addition of 2 x 1 - 120/45 Vickers-Armstrong Mk F and 2 x 2 - 37/80 SK C/30

1943: Removal of 4 x 1 - 40/39; addition of 4 x 2 - 37/80 SK C/30

10/1952 to 2/1953: Change of funnel to a twin funnel design

1969: removal of 2 x 2 - 37/83 and 4 x 1 - 20/65; replaced by 4 x 1 - 40/70 Bofors L/70 350, 4 x 1 - 20/70 Mk 7. New radars included SG-6B, MLA-1B, Marconi and Decca 12



Canarias 1960


Canarias 1974


What it would bring to War Thunder:

As a heavy cruiser, this ship would bring a lot of firepower to the seas of War Thunder Naval Forces. The British 203mm cannons around which her guns were developed from come with impressive gun handling statistics, with a range up to 28 km and a muzzle velocity of 855 m/s. It would be an excellent vessel which can engage from range and take out enemies in long-range duels. However, her main downside is her armour layout which would rely on shells passing through her without exploding, but anything with a short fuse would easily damage key modules such as her magazines and engines. It would bring a unique and interesting ship to WT and could potentially fill any holes we may see with the other European Axis nations like Germany (who only has 2 classes of heavy cruiser) or could provide back up for any Italian heavy cruiser we may see in the future.

Feel free to discuss and let us see what everyone thinks about this suggestion.

Sources used:

Preston, A. and Jane, F. (2001). Jane’s fighting ships of World War II. London: Studio Editions.

Gardiner, F. and Chesneau, R. (1980). Conway’s All The World’s Fighting Ships 1922–1946. London: Conway Maritime Press

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I LOVE It.Please add quest about how to implement It.By the way are you spanish?

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would be lovely to see in game. +1

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No I’m British, but when I did my Royal Navy Officer Training I did a dissertation on the role of Naval Warfare in the Spanish Civil War, so I am a fan of the vessels from the time :)

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There IS a Page where you could find a lot of interesting information.
By the way if you need help ask me


Will definitely give it a look, guess there’s going to be a race to get all the Spanish Civil War ships up 😁

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I have written varios articles about spanish vehicles such as the BAM,Barceló clase,The Pelayo pre-dreadnougth and the Nueva España torpeders.

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