Spall liners in British vehicles Data Dump

So since missing spall liners can be reported, I created this thread to collect data and sources on their application in british vehicles. Feel free to add stuff

Challenger 1:


For Chally 2, Warrior so far:



Good stuff added to the CR1 report.


If we get any Boxers variants in future:

Also Ajax
Can get a job inspecting the spall liners while you wait for it to come to War Thunder:


While not great, they do nudge me into thinking spall liners exist for the CVRT fleet even more

A number of light alloys were used to make this vehicle. The FV102 has an aluminum armor hull with spaced high-hardness steel armor. Interior is lined with a spall liner

So striker potentially has 1 and same for other CVRTs. Cant really find anything hard beyond a guy talking about removing the liner from his CVRT and being told its a spall liner by somebody else.

Theres also a site called scorpion tank spares that has a part listed as something like “boss, mounting, spall” though could just mean something else I guess.

If anyone can deny a spall lining for CVRT and save my search that would also be fine, but I am sure theres a liner on them, or is it just a “sound dampening system” xD

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