Spainish AV8B+ to France

Due to historical ties i think that the France would be best for Spanish planes or even in a sub tree of Spain with one the planes France should get is the Spanish AV8B+

  • Yes to AV8B+ to France via Spain
  • No to AV8B+ to France via Spain

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France main here - no. I don’t want my tree cluttered with copy and paste. I’d rather play UK/US for their harriers.

There’s a possibility that EAV-8B Matador II & EAV-8B+ from Spanish Navy (Armada Espanola) would be as part of the Spanish (Iberian) Tech Tree with Portuguese

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i think the Spanish harrier would end up as a Italian premium or something

AV-8S Matador would kind of make sense for Italians
Should be equivalent to US premium AV-8A