Spaced armor and APHE

Hi! I had a shower thought the other day and can’t seem to figure it out on my own. How does APHE work with spaced armor? And not with spaced armor like you have foe HEAT and other HE projectiles, but like add on armor like in the T-26E1-1 and such vehicles with large amounts of extra armor added on, but with space between each sheet. Like, in theory shouldn’t the shell fuse on one of those sheets of steel, instead of going through all of them and then blowing up inside the vehicle? I’m not complaining about anything, and no I didn’t have something like this happen to me, I’m just genuinely curios.

2nd question:
How do blastic capped shells work with the spaced armor? Like in theory if it’s thick enough, would the armor penetrating cap, be discarded by the time it hit the hull armor?

3rd question:
If the armor plate your hitting is too thick to be penned, why is it that the shell still shows imbedded in the armor, like shouldn’t the fuse had set it off? And if it did why is there not some sort of scorching effect on the armor or something like the effect arty has when it hits near by, kinda like shrapnel? Is this just WT, or does any of that happen IRL?

The APHE does fuse on the outside armor assuming that the armor is thick enough to fuse it.

Thing is APHE rounds have distance fuses, so once they are set to explode, they only do so after a set distance. Generally the air gap in spaced armor is not large enough for APHE to explode inbetween plates.

Oh okay.

What do you mean by distance fuses? Like time to arm or something? Bc, I’ve shot many tanks point blank, and my rounds fuse.

I also remember the other questions so imma go edit the OP

Im pretty sure all APHE shells in game have a fuze delay of 1.2 metres. Fuze sensitivity varies though

They don’t instantly detonate though, there’s a very short delay between the fuse and detonator going off. Enough time for a fast shell to pen a decent distance before exploding.

Though ingame its handled by distance instead of time, more convenient.

Ohhhh okay