SPAA's radars no longer fold?

How come the SPAAs no longer fold their radars down? Is Gaijin testing how much efficiency the SPAAs lose if their radars are sticking out above any potential cover they can use? I heard this is a “bug” but come on, this is childish to take away this function.


Yeah I don’t know what’s going on with Gaijin bug reports. It’s literally been weeks and weeks since we did bug reports on this bug, among others. This should be an obvious and easy to fix bug, but for some reason they seem to just not care. I mean this is just a basic function of these vehicles, to be able to lower the radar dish. And like you said, it’s getting some of us destroyed when it shouldn’t be stuck in the up position. Makes no sense. Unless they’re looking out for the CAS as usual? I know they work on a lot of stuff, but it feels like lately more new stuff is being pushed out and more and more bugs being left not fixed.


ehhh bug issues are a weird thing, as example Gepard1A2 cant equip its proxy stingers since release, so since release it pretty much is a half crippled vehicle


or reload from the dam BOX ON ITS REAR DECK lol

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No those one just arent used, that is another bug, that we might even still need to report

This non-foldable radar bug has been an ongoing problem for like… three months? this is perhaps the longest it took gaijin to fix something.


Gepars1a2 cant equip proxy stimgers simce release, thats 7months old pr sth around that time

Dude, 3 months is not even close.

We had to wait about a year before Gaijin fixed that exact same issue on the LAV-AD


wanna bet on germany fix needing even longer?


The recent Dev Server had this bug fixed: you could fold the SPAA radars. I didn’t test all the vehicles, but the usual suspects (Gepard, Marksman, etc.) were fine.

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