SPAAG used as tanks

One of the most annoying things I’m experiencing since I got past BR 8.0 is being regularly one shot by AA guns in MBTs. Just today (in the usual heavily rigged match that ended in a landslide defeat after 5 minutes) I was killed TWICE by a Gepard SPAAG, both times frontally. First time on a T62, second time on a T55AM, after hitting it in the turret with a kinetic piercer (and doing the usual negligible damage, I think loader or commander or optics).
It could be a “git gud” issue, I don’t argue - I’m totally average - but isn’t it a bit unrealistic and unnerving that (in the “right” matches, obviously) unarmoured vehicles can take up to 4 hits to be killed and can pierce the glacis and front turret of an MBT from 500 meters with automatic fire like they’re not even trying particularly hard?


In my opinion, the AA in the game should not have armor piercing rounds, the exp for killing planes should be increased and the exp for tanks should be decreased, it’s absurd what happens in tuesday how one AA can destroy an entire abrams battalion for a few million dollars as if i learned tactics from war thunder to during ww2 i would only produce kugelblitz and probably win the war lol.




the gepard mustev scored some clowny volumentric shots otherwise usually even with the APDS belts (40 rounds max) i cant penetrate any medium frontally unless he is cresting a hill exposing his LFP

Well, in any case, a gepard shouldn’t be able to penetrate the LFP of a tank - I don’t care if it theoretically could in real life, because in real life SPAAGs don’t rush for cap zones and combat happens generally further than 1 km. And this is one of the (many) things ruining the game, in my opinion.
Air events are very badly implemented in ground battles (although supremely annoying I think they’re fine in sea battles - it should be tank OR plane. Not a senseless 30 seconds suicide bomb rush), and I’d get rid of them altogether unless changed for good. but AA should be exclusively used against planes or, of course, to kill the occasional IFV getting too close. Tanks should not be vulnerable to SPAAGs


dont present these angles and dont engage the SPAA where they have their strengths, i see this as a genuine fault on your end. i find ost of the russian players are quite wary of exposing their sides and also keep audio awareness. so aside from the occasional idiot who rushes as he exposes his LFP, i dont get ground kills with SPAA. they are already weak vehicles and are highly situational.
imagine, you, an SPAA, spawn in, and no planes for the whole match, and you cant fight tanks because someone didnt like how SPAA could defend themselves or contribute to the team.
IMO, IFVs fill the same role, and are much more potent and exhibit the same levels of survivability.
i dont see complaints on that

Leave my Falcon alone. Its the only decent tank Britain has had that BR.

off topic, but i love your Localization overhaul project. Thanks a lot for doing what you do

No thanks.

If I manage to flank an MBT or group of MBTs at 11.7 in my Lvkv9040, I deserve to kill them.

This totally ruins the game. Battlefiels are swarmed with soviet or german AA and IFVs that just have to hold left click to anihilate anything.
All the fun and mechanics of the game is aiming your shot, and I just find it annoying that some tanks don’t have to aim and just have to spray.

With the AA you can also talk about all the IFVs with the noskill 30mm canons.

Also, light tanks or MBTs like the french ones become simply useless as you’re facing things that can pen you anywhere and without aiming.

Gosh, very hard to imagine … let’s see, which SPAA in the French tree can hunt tanks instead of planes ? None.

This wasn’t nearly as big of an issue when hullbreak was still a thing. Lightly armored tanks have gone from benefitting from low armor to being balanced back to being broken.

We need another option back that sorta works like hullbreak KE. Maybe not as extreme as it was but if you hit modules with enough kinetic energy the tank should outright just die if its built from sheet metal

Yes, this would be the best thing to do cuz I’m tired of scoring a “hit” when i’m firing a 120mm shell in a garbage can showering me with APFSDS

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USA,SWE has 40 AP rounds with iirc 95mm of pen, more then enough to gut most things from the side;
GER, GBR(2x), SWE,JPN all have 35 mm Oerlikon AC with the mentioned 40 rounds total APDS;
the only ones who don’t have it are ITA with 25mm and ISR with the 20mm Gatling.
also the ZSU-57-2 is stronger in the AT role then the AA role, unless you have the CHN version with the Prox round.

Most SPAAG’s are basically rolling ammo boxes learn where they are and they go poof every single time.
IFV with 30mm AC from my experience need a lot of shots to disable or kill anything, 40mm AC in CV90’s has greater potential but with 24 round ready rack can run out of shots really fast.

also AMX 30 DCA is capable of killing from the side NATO MBT’s or most lights from any direction, 53 mm is enough, i’m spading one and got a few kills with the stock belt, the 110mm APDS belt has 1/4 apds so 150 APDS rounds x2 since it carries a reload, so in total DCA carries in theory 300 APDS rounds that not bad.

For me in GFAB AIR is a lot bigger problem then SPAAG, when playing my 9.3 SWE line up with its SAM lunchbox, in one mission every helicopter spawn in was from behind our spawn, and before i got a lock and fired, the PARS/Hellfire/Vikr/etc,etc… was already on its way.

before the economy update SPAAG were the most expensive vehicle tier for tier with the smallest SL modifier, the SWE VEAK 40 had a 60% mod and 10k SL cost, at 600 SL a kill do the match (PS. with premium).

Sure it always suck to get killed by light/SPAAG, but most of the time i got flanked or they hit one of those “Gaijined” weak spots. Most of the time i load HEAT or HESH and OHK the little buggers.

But agree that the “worst” off nation is FRA, they have lights with good rounds but all have no stab. iirc 9.3 and up has a stab, but then you have no lights or cannon SPAAG anymore. only saving grace is that most AMX-30-40 have 20mm coax which work well for killing said light threats.

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That’s not really the point.
The point is very lightly armoured vehicles are, in the end, way more effective than MBTs. It’s not a problem to miss a shot with an SPAA or IFV and you can tank even more shots than a regular tank.

I have no problem with them in the game but they need to be easier to kill, like with the hull break. Most of the time, they just pop around a corner and even if they can’t pen you they just destroy your gun and tracks only to finish you from the side.

In the end, they can steamroll MBTs if they are hidden enough and are just vastly superior to light tanks while also being immune to CAS, given their nature.

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Exactly, otherwise 8.0 is unplayable with the embarrassment lineup, Britain is forced to use…


It would come down to how War Thunder work around combat system for the most part and map.

irl open top or weak armor AFV would have a hard time running around freely without getting spot and got ambush by infantry with light anti tank weapon or others things like field AT gun.
This is also the reason why Heavy tank in this game get less value.

Some map are full of choke point and basically took 2-3 minute to get to enemy spawn with fast vehicles.