SPAA should get more ammo at higher tiers

With how completely lackluster and mediocre radar SPAA is these days, they get pitiful amounts of ammo.
Like the 240 rounds per gun in the PGZ with an RoF of 550 or 340 rounds in the Gepard.

Considering SPAA will struggle to get onto capture zones for reloading, and there still is no way to reload in spawn for example, having such a small amount of ammo when they are anything but accurate or lethal and having to face off against jets that are far superior in technology very much hampers their effectiveness.

Similar issue exists at lower BRs, which really just makes me think there should be a way to reload near spawn areas.


Gepard specifically does not need any more. You already see germanoids constantly just spraying at enemies 4km away, it is very clear that they have too much ammo if they can use the 35mm like a machine gun.
Jets with missiles (well basically just A4E and G91) do need to be moved up though, they massively outperform many jets at 8.7 and also end up in matches where the most dangerous enemy SPAA might be M163

340 per gun really isn’t’ that much, and everyone ends up spraying like a machine gun if you want to have any hope of ever hitting something with how poor radars are nowadays and how planes can bomb you from out of radar range and never have to get even remotely close to take out an SPAA, it’s not like WW2 where you can wait for them to get within 500m or something.

Can’t remember the last time I actually got taken out by a radar SPAA aside from me just not caring enough and flying too close to their spawn, but generally you can easily stay at range and easily dodge incoming tracers, only exception is the M247 with the HE-VT, although half of that is that they appear to be invisible half the time.

Yeah one of the problems is that the radar gun lead is way to inaccurate then it should be, hell my puma with optical tracking has a better lead and hits more reliably and it is skow as fuck

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Yeah, I also noticed that. Optical locks with lead marker are far, far more precise. If I aim for radar marker, I strangely never hit.

Optical tracking just seems way better because it also doesn’t create radar warnings.

looking forward to a german IFV that doesnt have reduced fire rate in trade for increased accuracy (that isnt even in the game) KF41 or skyranger will be a blessing. And if they fix AHEAD on top of that will be a dream!

Or maybe a German autocannon that doesn’t overheat twice as fast as the Russian ones.