SPAA Radar lead indicator on EVERY vehicle

I’ve been experiencing a rather perplexing issue with Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft (SPAA) vehicles in-game, particularly regarding the accuracy of ballistic AA. Despite the guns themselves being precise, the targeting seems significantly off, resulting in low accuracy. This has made it nearly impossible to shoot down targets effectively, especially with the Gepard (or any other non Poximity-fuse SPAA), which, given its real-world capabilities, should be far more effective.


Considering the real-world effectiveness of the exact same variation of the Gepard, currently in use in Ukraine—where they have been reported to successfully engage and destroy more modern aircraft than those we encounter in War Thunder—it strikes me as odd that the in-game representation feels so lacking.

My experience:
The shot grouping in term’s of MOA itself is really precise and close to the real thing,
but the salvo Aim/guidance is consistently off by something unknown,
does not seem to be effected by altitude, weather, distance, speed, or size of the target*.


of course it matters because it easier to hit, but even those hits are off centre mass/ RCS

Even with non manoeuvring or even stationary targets like Helicopters it feels like pure luck to hit anything beyond 1.8Km.

Wich goes completeley against the:

“When a target is tracked, the turret will receive the targeting information feed and use it to adjust ammunition self-destruction fuse delays as well as follow the target automatically. When this happens the targeting reticle which appears has a high level of accuracy, as long as the target maintains speed and bearing and does not dramatically alter its speed, course or direction.

I have tried:

  1. Going for bursts as suggested ONLY inside the suggested Area
  2. moving my point oof aim along the axis of lead during the burst, by going from leading the suggested circle, to trailing it ( and the other way around):


  1. moving in random patterns ( highest success so far)

So my main point here is: why is this even in the game if moving in random patterns yields more success than actually using the mechanic?

If its not intended what is the cause here:
Ping of target? Skill issue?

I’m curious if others in the community have faced similar issues or if it’s an isolated problem on my end. It’s hard to believe the in-game mechanics are as flawed as my experience suggests. Feedback, insights, or any shared experiences regarding SPAA targeting accuracy would be greatly appreciated. Are there any known workarounds or settings adjustments that might improve this aspect of gameplay?

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radars dont seem to work properly for me, the only one I use is the marksman in the British tree as I don’t like missile systems. the lock on helis always claims they are lower than they are actually and leads on jets change erratically and are never accurate. its a broken mechanic if its the same for Gepards and similar, but I hope it doesn’t get fixed because they are already obscenely powerful at 8.3+