Soviet tanks are bad at longer ranges! Western tanks incredible at it

Before you all start spamming me with how I’m wrong and Soviet tanks are OP listen I’ve noticed something cool or interesting. When there is a Urban or urban-ish map Soviet tanks seem to win most matches. But as soon as there is an open map with High hills and ridges they get curb stomped in most cases by Sweden or Germany or any other western tank. I’m not talking top tier here I’m talking 7.7 - 8.7

As a Sweden main I’ve researched what strategy to use with like the Pbv 302 BILL, Strf 90, Strv(all). They all base their strategy on taking a spot behind a hill/ridge with cover and take out the enemy before they can even get remotely close. Then relocate to avoid Air detection.

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This is due to soviet doctrine when making their tanks

You can see that their tank are designed to be as small as possible which is why they are smaller then western tanks

Due to this it gives them a lower profile but losing on gun depression

This lack of gun depression is what make them worse on maps with hills as they can’t fire over hills a well as western tanks


Result of doctrine.

Western tanks are designed to take out armour at range.

Russian tanks are designed to go toe to toe (“brawl”) with armour & also perform well in urban environments.