Soviet P39/63 37mm ammo

In War Thunder the only belt available is default - which is 50/50 HE/AP.

But I read the following:

“The U.S did not supply M80 armor-piercing rounds for these aircraft—instead, the Soviets received 1,232,991 M54 high-explosive rounds.”

So what data is Gaijin using here?

The 50/50 split really hurts the Russian cobras.


Bug report it

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It’s been reported and acknowledged like 5 times. Here’s some for example.


So I put another bug report in.

Anyone frustrated by this, please go and click the “I have the same issue button” if you want to draw attention to it.


It’s not a bug.

“The USSR received 1,232,991 rounds of Shell, 37mm, fixed, High Explosive, AC (aircraft) through Lend - Lease shipments during the war and no type - M80 armor - piercing rounds. This same source indicates that all of the 65,380 type - M80 armor - piercing rounds shipped via Lend - Lease went to Great Britain. See Lend - Lease Shipments, World War II, U. S. War Department, 31 December 1946, Section IV…”

It’s been reported and acknowledged multiple times, however it is yet to be corrected.

Where’s is your supporting evidence that it’s not a bug?

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Ammo loadouts are treated as balancing factor. Additional many vehicles in game rounds or weapons they use IRL.

Is that from an official Gaijin statement? Or are you presuming that’s what they do?

If so, I’d rather they give the historical full HEFI-T belt, and increase the BR by .3.

That’s the whole point of having BR rankings.

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Yeah, makes no sense to give vehicles ammunition they never had, especially when they were supplied from another nation.

What’s the problem with a vehicle using the ammunition or armament it had available instead of making something up?

If it’s not a bug then shouldn’t the soviet cobras have selectable belts?

They brought the American P-39N down to 2.7. How’s that for a balancing factor?

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Well, you may be right as it turns out.

My bug report was pretty quickly closed, and a Gaijin employee sent me an email saying “not a bug.”

So assume it was done deliberately, and against what is historically provable, to nerf the Russian cobra firepower.

That 37mm is inconsistent enough when using 100% HE, let alone a 50/50 split of HE and AP.

I wish they’d just use the BR system for balancing…

It’s honestly just a bunch of bull.

Especially since you don’t have belts to choose from but are stuck with default. Makes no sense.

There’s not a single aircraft cannon other than the Soviet P-39 and P-63 where you can’t choose ammo belts when there’s at least two types of rounds available.

But it’s kinda the same with the Romanian Hs 129. They never received any cannon pods so it shouldn’ have the option for MK 103s and the BK 3.7.
Of course Gaijin made them into copy & paste premiums so wacha gonna do?

It’s basically all what if.
But that still doesn’t make any sense to not give a plane the option to at least select it’s historical ammo load-out.

It’s the same with Italian vehicle getting only 20mm APCR mixed with AP instead of having the same as German vehicles.

It’s all very poor attempts by Gaijin to create what they think is balanced.
Like how they nerfed the Ho 229s MK 103s into the ground and changed the ammo belts for HVAP instead of just removing HVAP belts for the plane.
As if a flying UFO intended to be a bomber needed HVAP rounds for attacking tanks…

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