Soviet Jet Ammunition

So I am really struggling with having 160-300 rounds of .20 or .30 max in air rb. I just unlocked the mig 21 MF and run out of ammo faster than attacking the D point.

Should I be clicking single when I want to shoot? TBH I preform much better with 50s and 1000+ rounds

don’t spray and pray, but only carefully shoot good shots.
Also this is a thing, where learning how to aim (esp for those specific guns) is very rewarding.

What I did with Soviet 23mm is just to try to get close, because they are quite hard to aim, and in the end if you do manage to hit, they don’t do a lot of damage. I do around a half second burst, although depends how much ammo is left.

I sure have to get gud since atm I am only comfortably close for what feels like a quarter of a second…this mig is sure a mf

With only ~900 battles some more practice is probably indicated - starting at lower levels perhaps…


Using short bursts and taking great care with your ammo is the way, good thing is sometimes two or three shots are more than enough to take enemies down so when you do get enough practice with them you’ll be wrecking everyone

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