Soviet combat engineer vehicles

I’ve been trying to find a photos of two combat engineer variants of the T-62. The first is the T-62/122 that’s been fitted with a 122mm howitzer, and the second is the T-62/160 that was fitted with a shortened 160mm mortar for demolition purposes. Basically the Soviet counterparts to the American M728 and British Centurion AVRE. All I can find are mentions, but I cannot find a single photo anywhere. I’ve even gone through the archives at the Armor and Cavalry Collection and I cannot find anything. If anyone has a photo could you please post it here?

wz 122 chinese t62 with 122mm gun


t62 prototype with 100mm gun . ( obj 140 )


Honestly, for such obscure vehicle as the T-62/160 or the T-62/122 which is also possibly be a one off field modification, i doubt you would find any pics on the internet, best is to ask the engineers that worked on it. Closest i could find is an Iraqi T-54/160

this is not T62, and it doesn’t look like it either

this is not a variant of T62 either. To be honest, it’s the grandfather of T72

it’s a combination of t62 and chinese older tank wz 121.

dude i took these from a reliable sources (:

object 165 . same gun as obj 140 . another t62 prototype .

T62: completed in 1962, equipped in 1964
WZ140:from 1953 to 1958. the experimental medium-sized tank developed by Tajil to replace the T-54, Its turret is also different from T62, it just looks very similar



WZ122:Its turret is a self-designed turret, closer to the enlarged version of the Type 59.
the vehicle body is also independently designed, longer than the WZ121, with the same spacing between each load-bearing wheel. Equipped with adjustable hydraulic and pneumatic suspension device



are you saying Wikipedia?

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these are from a tank telegram channel ok?

you are saying what i said (:


If somebody has those connections and can get photos of those tanks, I would appreciate it, but I’m not going to risk coming up on the fed’s radar by contacting persons inside of the Russian government or Russian defense industry Just so I can see what they looked like.

You got me thinking I was going to see tank recovery vehicles and bridge-layers…

Teasing me is WRONG… I feel baited by the topic…


wait. there is a tank telegram channel?

Because I don’t want you to be disappointed.


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yeah , but it’s in persian . there is another similar channel but it’s inactive ):

That’s cool. Sadly I don’t speak or read and write persian xD

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If you want i can give you its address , you can use telegram own translator to translate contents in that channel .